BLISS Speakers

Product Description:

BLISS speakers converge at the intersection of elegance, sonic fidelity, and affordability. With handcrafted wooden cabinets and a unique custom-tuned internal structure, BLISS delivers on the promise of faithful, balanced, and powerful sonic reproduction that will electrify any small- to medium-sized room.

Design Features:

  • (1) 1.0″ HEILL-DE Air Motion Transformer (made in Germany). 
  • (1) 3.5″ HEILL-DE Mid-Woofer (made in Canada). Magnesium alloy construction with 30g weight to control the driver mounted behind the cone centered inside the voice coil former.
  • 1st order crossover applied to AMT set at 6000Hz
  • 8-ohm nominal impedance
  • 86dB @1W/m sensitivity
  • Frequency range 35Hz-40kHz

Speaker Cabinets:

  • Baltic Birch construction of internal acoustic transmission line and outer walls. The front faceplate aids in tuning the upper-frequency range and adds cosmetic value.
  • Outer finish using 2-layers oil rubbed and hard coating. Additional finishes are satin and semi-gloss. A high-gloss hard shell will not be offered at this time.
  • Finishes: Naked Birch, Styled Birch, Cherry, Walnut, and Rosewood (additional cost due to supply)
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 13.0″ x 4.2″ inches
  • Weight: 7.0lbs per speaker (depending on wood choice)


  • Standard 1-year warranty on the cabinet from any manufacturing defects
  • Standard 3-year warranty on the electrical components, which includes the drivers, crossover network, and binding terminals
  • Proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, USA


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